KORZH Mykola

Director of the Institute, MD, professor, honored member of Science and Technology of Ukraine, chief of the Department of traumatology, orthopaedics and combustiology in Kharkiv Medical Postgraduate Academy

I am glad to welcome you all on behalf of the members of the staff of Sytenko Institute. Our Institute is one of the oldest scientific and research institutes of Ukraine. It has a very rich and glorious history, but in no way less notable than the present. In historical perspective one of the major noteworthy achievements of the Institute is the establishment of a network of preventive and curative centers and an efficiently organized orthopaedic-traumatological and prosthetic-orthopaedic assistance to the people of Ukraine.

The scientists of the Institute are constantly working on meeting the latest scientific and practical challenges in the field of orthopaedics and traumatology. The Institute is constantly striving to maintain the internationally professional standards of its specialists by organizing continuous educational training programmes in the area of its specialization. Regular development of vocational competence of the Institute’s specialists is held by bringing into actual practice the latest scientific achievements. The scientists of the Institute constantly exchange views and information with their foreign counterparts, thereby officially enabling worldwide acceptance of the scientific achievements of Ukraine in the areas concerned.

I am very much confident and optimistic that dissemination of modern achievements of Sytenko Institute of Spine and Joint Pathology National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine among the scientific and medical community of the world will professionally strengthen and improve the knowledge of its specialists and hence remarkably strengthen specialized medical assistance.

Clinical Departments

Orthopeadic Arthrology and Arthroplasty Department

Head of Department — Pidgaiska Olga, Ph.D

Pediatric Orthopaedics

Head of Department — Bayev Vitaliy, Ph.D

Department of Vertebrology

Head of Department — Bolkhovitin Pavlo, Cand.Med.Sc.

Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy

Head of Department — Zgola Iryna, Senior Anesthesiologist

Emergency trauma aid department

Head of Department — Matelenok Evgeniy, D.M.

The Physiotherapy Department

Head of Department — Grashchenkova Tamara, PhD

Blood Transfusion Department

Head of Department — Frolova Nina

Department of Rehabilitation Services

Head of Department — Staude Volodymyr, MD

Department of Radiodiagnosis

Head of Department — Zlatnik Ruslan

Laboratory Diagnostics and Immunology

Head of Department — Leontieva Frida, Ph.D.

Consultative and Diagnostic Department

Head of Department — Chernyshov Oleksandr, Cand.Med.Sc.


Head of Department — Tarasenko Larisa

Scientific Departments

Pathology Department

Head of Department — Filipenko Volodymyr, D.Med.Sc., Prof.

Pediatric Orthopaedics

Head of Department — Khmizov Sergey, D.Med.Sc., Prof.

The Scientific Department of Minimal Invasive and Instrumental Spinal Surgery

Head of Department — Radchenko Volodymyr, D.Med.Sc., Professor

Department of the Spine Diseases and Injuries

Head of Department — Kutsenko Volodymyr, D.Med.Sc.

Musculoskeletal Trauma Research Department

Head of Department — Mykola Korzh, D.Med.Sc., Professor

Bone tumor department

Head of Department — Vyrva Oleg, D.Med.Sc., Professor

Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy

Head of Department — Lyzohub Mykola, PhD, Associate Professor

Department of Conservative Treatment and Clinical Trials

Head of Department — Fedotova Inga, D.Med.Sc.

Laboratory Diagnostics and Immunology

Head of Department — Leontieva Frida, Ph.D

Laboratory of Connective Tissue Morphology

Head of Department — Ashukina Nataliya, PhD in Biological Sciences

Biomechanical Laboratory

Head of Department — Tiazhelov Oleksii, Professor, D.Med.Sc.

The Laboratory of Orthosis and Biomaterials

Head of Department — Dynnik Oleksiy, Assistant Professor, PhD

Scientific & Organization Department

Head of Department — Tankut Volodymyr, Professor, D.Med.Sc.

Department of Medical Research

Head of Department — Baburkina Olena, D.Med.Sc.

Scientific Library

Head of Department — Barylotti Zinaida

Editorial and Publishing Group

Head of Department — Zadorozhna Yuliia