Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy

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Scientific Division

Lyzohub Mykola
Head of the Department, PhD, Associate Professor
Khmyzov Andrii
Researcher, PhD

Clinical Division

Zgola Iryna
Head of the Clinical Division, Senior Anesthesiologist
Lyzohub Kseniia
Anesthesiologist, PhD
Orlov Gennadii
Senior Anesthesiologist, PhD
Kostrikova Eleonora
Senior Anesthesiologist, PhD
Voloshyn Mykyta
Senior Anesthesiologist, PhD
Klebek Maksym
Senior Anesthesiologist, PhD
Rybolovlev Yurii
Senior Anesthesiologist
Maroof Shwan
Senior Anesthesiologist
Vnukova Tetiana
Veklich Inna
Senior Anesthesiologist


Clinical Activity

Anaesthesia is provided according to modern protocols. Our priority is comfortable and safety conditions for all patients during surgical operations and manipulations. Our doctors are familiar with all the types of modern anesthesia, both general and regional. We are equipped for providing total intravenous anesthesia and inhalational anesthesia. All invasive manipulations are performed with ultrasound navigation (regional blocks, central line insertion, etc.). For major surgery we use invasive hemodynamic monitoring. We have also pediatric anesthesiology group.

Our Intensive Care Unit is used as a recovery room after elective surgery and for intensive therapy of critical conditions.


Scientific Work

  • Providing of anesthesia in specific positions (prone position, lateral decubitus position, beach-chair position)
  • Hemodynamic correction during major orthopedic surgery
  • Ultrasound navigation in anesthesiology and intensive therapy
  • Providing of anesthesia for patients with cardiovascular comorbidities.



Educational activity

We provide observership for anesthesiologists “Regional Anesthesia in Traumatology and Orthopedics with Ultrasound Navigation”.

Head of the Department

Лизогуб Микола Віталійович

Lyzohub Mykola
PhD, Associate Professor

Head of the Clinical Division

Згола Ирина Анатольевна

Zgola Iryna,
Senior Anesthesiologist


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