Orthopeadic Arthrology and Arthroplasty Department


Pathology Department

Filipenko Volodymyr
Chair of Joint Pathology dep., Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Professor, D.Med.Sc.
Tankut Volodymyr
chief research officer, Professor, D.Med.Sc.
Zhygun Anatolyi
main research officer, D.Med.Sc.
Baburkina Olena
main research officer, D.Med.Sc.
Bondarenko Stanislav
Website: www.bondarenkomd.com
main research officer, D.Med.Sc.
Tankut Oleksiy
deputy head physician on surgical activity, PhD

Orthopeadic Arthrology and Arthroplasty Department:

Pidgaiska Olga
MD, Chief of Orthopaedic and Arthrology dep., PhD
Mesentsev Volodymyr
MD, orthopedic surgeon, PhD
Marushchak Oleksiy
MD, orthopedic surgeon
Nesterenko Olexandr
MD, orthopedic surgeon
Arutyunian Zorik
MD, fellow
Badnaoui Ahmed
MD, fellow
Poplavska Karolina
MD, fellow

Our aim is to give the patients the best possible medical treatment.

We care for patients with the following conditions or injuries:

  • Joint osteoarthritis
  • Hip and knee replacements
  • Failed joint replacement
  • Infected bone and joints, periprosthetic joint infection
  • Femoral neck, proximal femur fractures
  • Sport injuries (meniscus tears, ACL/ PCL ruptures)
  • Hip Impingement syndrome, labral tears
  • Knee, hip deformities


Our department concentrates on the care of patients with major joint arthritis and receives patient referrals throughout Ukraine, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Common surgical procedures include total hip replacement, total knee replacement, osteotomy for realignment of extremities and hip, knee and shoulder arthroscopies.

The department frequently employs revision total joint replacements and one-, two-stage revision procedures for infection cases. We use modern cementless, cemened implants (Zimmer, DePuy, Smith and Nephew, Aesculap, W.Link, Mathys), auto-, allografts when medically indicated. The department also offers joint preservation and reconstructive surgeries of the knee and hip. The program is designed to maximize the function of native joints and to potentially prevent or delay the ultimate need for total joint arthroplasty.

  • Admission to the hospital takes place in the morning by registering at the ambulatory department (outpatient clinic) on the ground floor from 8.30 AM till 1PM. Then You are directed to the ward in orthopaedic arthrology and arthroplasty department on the 1st or 2nd floor (see photo gallery)

    Please bring with you your diagnostic findings (blood test results, x-rays, CT’s, MRI’s etc. if you have it), medications that you take, blood sugar measurement device and application strips, personal care products, dressing gown or reading material, as well as your important aids (glasses, dentures, hearing aid, walking frame, crutches etc.).

    You can keep your personal articles in the wardrobe in your ward.

  • Documents that are obligatory for hospitalization:

    • Paper direction to the Institute from local ambulatory or general physician
    • Result of fluorography or breast chest X-ray

    Additional results of examination

    • therapist’s examination conclusion (in case of comorbid heart, renal, liver pathology)
    • gynecologist’s examination conclusion (for women – excluding of acute of chronic inflammation process, infection)
    • urologist‘s examination conclusion (for men – prostate examination, – excluding of acute of chronic inflammation process, infection)
    • blood test results (antibodies to Hepatitis B,C; RW, hematology, biochemistry)
    • urine test

    Meal times: breakfast 8.30 am, lunch: 2pm, dinner 6pm
    Visiting hours: daily from 1.00 – 7 pm
    We would ask your guests to respect our rest period after 7 pm.
    The hospital has been declared a smoke-free zone therefore you are not allowed to smoke in the hospital. If you leave the ward, please sign off with a member of staff.

    We wish you a pleasant stay!


History Department


д.м.н. профессор Филипенко Владимир Акимович

Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Professor, D.Med.Sc.
Filipenko Volodymyr


к.м.н. Підгайська Ольга Олексіївна

Pidgaiska Olga


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