Laboratory of Connective Tissue Morphology

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Bone densitometer is open
9.00 – 15.00 (Monday – Friday)
Ashukina Nataliya
Chair of Laboratory, PhD in Biological Sciences
Danyshchuk Zinayda
MD, Pathologist
Maltseva Valentyna
Senior Researcher, PhD in Biological Sciences
Skrypel Margaryta
laboratory assistant
Gritsenko Nataliya
laboratory assistant
Ostapenko Olga
laboratory assistant
Ostapienko Lidia
medical orderly

The laboratory is certified in accordance with the requirements ISO 10012:2005 (Certificate No. 01-0018/2023 from 14-Mar-2023). The laboratory conducts basic and applied research on key issues of traumatology and orthopedics.

Main scientific and clinical focus

  • the study of bone repair;
  • the evaluation of tissue response to new synthetic and biological implant materials;
  • the study of factors of degeneration of the intervertebral disc and articular cartilage;
  • the study of the mechanisms of development of osteoporosis and arthrosis, ways of correction of disorders;
  • the role of muscle in the development of spine degenerative diseases;
  • muscle structure in conditions of disorders of fracture healing;
  • pathological diagnosis of bone and soft tissue diseases;
  • bone mineral density research – standard examinations and determination of bone tissue in the periprosthetic area, quantitative evaluation of deformities of vertebral bodies.

The laboratory of morphology of connective tissue is equipped with modern microscopes: Olympus ВХ63 with a fluorescent module, digital camera DP73 (Olympus) and software “Cell Sens Dimention 1.8.1” (2013); Olympus BX53 with a polarization module, AxioStar (Carl Zeiss), which allow for excellent visualization and analysis of histological material by light, polarization and fluorescence microscopy. The software “Cell Sens Dimention 1.8.1” (Olympus, 2013) allows performing histomorphometric studies, photographing and storing the results in digital form.

The transmission electron microscope EMV-100BR allows ultramicroscopic studies.

The study of bone mineral density is performed by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry on a bone densitometer Explorer QDR W (Hologic).

Laboratory staff knows the methods of light, polarization, fluorescence and electron microscopy to study the structural features of body tissues, in particular bone, cartilage, muscle and cell cultures. They are highly qualified in the diagnosis of tumors and tumor-like diseases of bones and soft tissue.

Chair of Laboratory

к. біол. наук Ашукіна Наталія Олександрівна

PhD in Biological Sciences
Ashukina Nataliya


The Staff of Laboratory of Connective Tissue Morphology
Analysis of histological preparations, researcher Danyshchuk Z.
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