Structure of the Institutes

Clinical Departments

Orthopeadic Arthrology and Arthroplasty Department

Head of Department — Pidgaiska Olga, Ph.D

Pediatric Orthopaedics

Head of Department — Bayev Vitaliy, Ph.D

Department of Vertebrology

Head of Department — Bolkhovitin Pavlo, Cand.Med.Sc.

Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy

Head of Department — Zgola Iryna, Senior Anesthesiologist

Emergency trauma aid department

Head of Department — Matelenok Evgeniy, D.M.

The Physiotherapy Department

Head of Department — Grashchenkova Tamara, PhD

Blood Transfusion Department

Head of Department — Frolova Nina

Department of Rehabilitation Services

Head of Department — Staude Volodymyr, MD

Department of Radiodiagnosis

Head of Department — Zlatnik Ruslan

Laboratory Diagnostics and Immunology

Head of Department — Leontieva Frida, Ph.D.

Consultative and Diagnostic Department

Head of Department — Chernyshov Oleksandr, Cand.Med.Sc.


Head of Department — Tarasenko Larisa

Scientific Departments

Pathology Department

Head of Department — Filipenko Volodymyr, D.Med.Sc., Prof.

Pediatric Orthopaedics

Head of Department — Khmizov Sergey, D.Med.Sc., Prof.

The Scientific Department of Minimal Invasive and Instrumental Spinal Surgery

Head of Department — Radchenko Volodymyr, D.Med.Sc., Professor

Department of the Spine Diseases and Injuries

Head of Department — Kutsenko Volodymyr, D.Med.Sc.

Musculoskeletal Trauma Research Department

Head of Department — Mykola Korzh, D.Med.Sc., Professor

Bone tumor department

Head of Department — Vyrva Oleg, D.Med.Sc., Professor

Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy

Head of Department — Lyzohub Mykola, PhD, Associate Professor

Department of Conservative Treatment and Clinical Trials

Head of Department — Fedotova Inga, D.Med.Sc.

Laboratory Diagnostics and Immunology

Head of Department — Leontieva Frida, Ph.D

Laboratory of Connective Tissue Morphology

Head of Department — Ashukina Nataliya, PhD in Biological Sciences

Biomechanical Laboratory

Head of Department — Tiazhelov Oleksii, Professor, D.Med.Sc.

The Laboratory of Orthosis and Biomaterials

Head of Department — Dynnik Oleksiy, Assistant Professor, PhD

Scientific & Organization Department

Head of Department — Tankut Volodymyr, Professor, D.Med.Sc.

Department of Medical Research

Head of Department — Baburkina Olena, D.Med.Sc.

Scientific Library

Head of Department — Barylotti Zinaida

Editorial and Publishing Group

Head of Department — Zadorozhna Yuliia

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