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Sytenko Institute of Spine and Joint Pathology National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine conduct advanced training for medical specialists on the courses of information and in-depth training over topical problems of orthopaedics and traumatology (license of Education and Science Ministry of Ukraine Nr.285527, 27.11.2013, series AE)


Theoretical education of doctors is carrying out by lectures and seminars employments, independent work in the scientific library, participation in clinical rounds and consultations, participation in clinical conferences, seminars.

Acquisition with clinical experience for the treatment of locomotorium diseases and locomotorium deformities by residents and fellows during independent treatment of patients in the department of Institute, participation in the emergency duties, participation in the operations under the supervisor, participation in ambulatory.

Guidance of fellows is carrying out by scientifically-organizational department of the Institute.

Training period of the advanced courses – 20 training days (160 training hours).


Using the address (Pushkinskya Street 80, 61024, Kharkiv, Ukraine or email׃ sent the your statements for studies on a select by you training courses.

More detailed information about training: tel. +38(057)725-14-77

Training courses for doctors

Training courses Lecture
1. Surgery and conservative management of joint pathology V. Filipenko, professor, MD
2. Hip and knee joint arthroplasty V. Filipenko, professor, MD
3. Surgery and conservative management of pediatric locomotorium pathology S. Khmyzov, professor, MD
4. Surgical and conservative management of children with feet pathology S. Khmyzov, professor, MD
G. Kykosh, PhD
5. Spine surgery and conservative management of spinal deformities V. Radchenko, professor, MD
6. Mini-invasive and instrumented surgery of the spine V. Radchenko, professor, MD
7. Surgery and conservative management of spine scoliosis deformations V. Radchenko, professor, MD
O. Barkov, PhD
8. Manual therapy in complex treatment of spinal pathology. V. Radchenko, professor, MD
9. Diagnostics and treatment of  feet traumas and feet deformations D. Prozorovsky, PhD, MD
10. Diagnostics and treatment of tumours of locomotorium O. Vyrva, professor, MD
11. Difficult and auditing joints arthroplasty O. Vyrva, professor, MD
12. Arthroscopy diagnostics and treatment of joints pathology P. V. Bolkhovitin, PhD
13. Conservative management of locomotorium pathology I. Fhedotova, MD
I. Korzh, PhD
14. Muscle energy procedures and massage in orthopaedics and traumatology V. Staude, PhD
15. Ultrasonic research of  locomotorium for adults and children I. Kotulcky, PhD
16. Regional anaesthesia in an orthopaedy and traumatology with the use of ultrasonic methods N. Lyzogub, PhD
17. Laboratory methods of investigation in orthopaedics and traumatology (diagnostic, biochemical, morphologic, immunologic) F. Leontyeva, PhD
N. Ashukina, PhD
18. Express-ortheses and express-prosthesis of locomotorium O. Dinnik, PhD
I. Timchenko

Training courses for middle medical specialists

Training courses Lecture
1. Curative massage of locomotorium pathology V. Staude, MD
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