Clinical Activities

In 4 clinics of the Institute containing on 240 beds conservative and surgical treatments of the whole range of spine and joint diseases and traumas can be conducted. Application of the most advanced methods of orthopedic, physiotherapeutic and medicamentous management in conservative treatment became a good tradition. On the institutional base new pharmaceutical preparations are also tested. Many doctors of Ukraine ask for recommendations from the institutional specialists.

For many years surgery has been staying a prior direction in the clinical activity of the institute.

Some operative methods bear the names of its co-workers such as Sytenko, Novachenko, Chaklin, Korzh, Khvisyuk and others. Modern operations make it possible to provide speedy recovery for the patients. There is no need to stay in bed during a long period of time after operation on spine, to wear plaster bandage or braces after the operation on the hip joint.

A great number of modern surgical interventions on spine, joints and limbs in Ukraine are performed only in the Sytenko Institute of Spine and joint Pathology, Academy of Medical Science, Ukraine.

The information for patients and doctors.

If something disturbs you in the area of spine, joints or limbs, you could easily come to out-patient department of the Institute which works every day except Saturday and Sunday from 8.30 to 15.00.

For all the citizens of Ukraine no need to be registered or directed by your district therapeutist before coming.

Highly qualified specialists will examine the patient, talk to him professionally and prescribe adequate treatment. And if a recurrent examination is necessary it can be also provided by the Institute. If the patient needs to be treated in-patiently and complexity of the case demands additional examination doctor invites professors with a greater expertise in this direction In order to decide the problem of hospitalization and, if need be, terms of operative intervention.

Famous specialists working at our Institute could provide qualified consultations in such directions as:

  1. Diseases and injures of spine in children and adults:
    • scoliosis
    • osteochondrosis
    • spondylolisthesis
    • congenital disorders of spine
    • traumas and diseases of any part of spine
    • kiphosis and etc
  2. Disease and traumas of joints and pelvis in children and adults:
    • fractures
    • tumours
    • osteoarthrites
    • injures of meniscus and ligaments of knee joint
    • congenital hip dislocation
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