Department of Radiodiagnosis

Zlatnik Ruslan
Head of Department of Radiology, Radiologist

Department of Radiodiagnosis of the Institute is one of the main diagnostic units with four X-ray examination rooms available:

  1. X-ray room of the Consulting and Diagnosis Department provides X-ray examination and follow-up examination of outpatients arriving to the Institute for consultation service from different regions of Ukraine. The pediatric patients coming for admission to the disease prevention children’s center of the Institute are also examined. The urgent patients delivered to the institute are also examined. The X-ray room is equipped with 2012 year made digital X-ray and fluoroscopic system and system for axial X-ray images of the knee joints.
  2. The hospital X-ray room is intended to provide diagnostic radiology examination of the hospital patients, and complex X-ray examinations as well. The X-ray room is equipped with a 2012 year made digital X-ray and fluoroscopic system, and an X-ray machine for diagnosis.
  3. The operating theaters are equipped with digital systems with 7 X-ray diagnostic C-shaped mobile 12-inch units and X-ray transparent surgical tables for X-ray guidance during surgery. It a few fold reduces operating time, improves the quality of surgical intervention, reduces the radiation exposure on patients and staff. Additionally, mobile X-ray units are also used.
  4. The X-ray room of the Experimental Biological Laboratory is equipped with an X-ray unit intended for radiological examinations of animals undergoing experiments.

The radiology department also performs a round-the-clock radiological examination of urgent patients delivered with injuries and pathology of the spine.
Mobile X-ray machines are also used to serve serious patients who cannot be transported to the X-ray room, to perform X-ray images in operating rooms, operating dressing rooms and to the patients under anesthesia.

The staff of the radiology department consists of: radiologist physician, head of the radiology department; radiologist physician; seven X-ray laboratory assistants; X-ray technician; and two junior nurses.

For convenience and the radiologist’s work place arrangement, a system for collecting, processing, storing and transmitting data was proposed and implemented.

All information obtained during X-ray examinations from all devices is transmitted over the network to a single database and is available for all users. This information can be printed, exported to a computer, on a flash drive, recorded on a disk, sent for consultation to other medical institutions.

The data are processed with the software that is used for visualizing, storing, and exporting images. These images suppose the following sources: standard DICOM modalities (CT, MP, US, CR, etc.) or digital pictures (jpeg, tiff, bmp, etc.).

Up-to-date radiology department with modern X-ray equipment serves as eyes of our orthopedists and traumatologists, proud to look towards the present and the future.


лікар-рентгенолог Златнік Руслан Васильович

Zlatnik Ruslan


Department of Radiodiagnosis
Department of Radiodiagnosis
Department of Radiodiagnosis
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