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Vorobiova Valentyna
Principal Economist
Horlova Olena
Principal Economist
Nykyforova Maryna
Economist І Category
Mukhina Kateryna
Economist ІІ Category
Brahar Viktoriia

The economic department was founded in 1994 in order to provide efficient and target-specific use of budget funds, directed at development of the scientific research and clinical base of Sytenko Institute.

Since November 1994, the department has been headed by deputy director on economic issues Vira Matushkina.

The deportment’s staff includes one leading economist and three specialists.

The work of the department is directed at gradual increase of state funds allocation, their effective usage for provision of higher quality of work and medical services.

The major achievements include preserving of scientific staff potential by means of efficient financial planning, increase of the Institute financing.


Vira Matushkina was awarded with Letter of Commendation of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the AMS of Ukraine and the Trade Union of Health Workers of Kharkiv Region for high professionalism and significant contribution into organizational process.

Deputy Director for Economic Affairs

Matushkina Vira

Matushkina Vira


Економічний відділ
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