Emergency trauma aid department

Emergency trauma aid department was formed in 1973 year. The head of unit is Matelenok Y.M., D.M. More than 35 medical staff ensured works in regime twenty-four-hour service. The injured with damaged of the musculoskeletal system which are delivered ambulance crews, or seek help by himself are reception in our department. Each suffered get a set of diagnostic and treatment measures. During the year help is provided about 1500 injured urgently and about 2500 patients which are hospitalized in the clinical units for the treatment of diseases, consequences of limb or spine injures. In the operating unit of the department, all modern types of osteosynthesis of bone fractures are performed, also complex interventions in patients with oncological pathology of the bones, joints and soft tissues with substitution of the part of segments or joints with artificial joints, bone grafts or composite materials. In addition, the interventions at after traumatic bone defects, acquired and congenital shortening and deformations of the limbs, with injuries of tendons, ligaments and other pathology of the musculoskeletal system are performed.

Завідувач відділення

Завідувач відділенням д.м.н. Є. М. Мателенок

Matelenok Evgeniy


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