Blood Transfusion Department

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Frolova Nina
Head of Department
Dmytriieva Liubov
Charge Nurse
Pohrebniak Valentyna
Surgical Nurse

The blood transfusion department was founded on the initiative of Professor Anatoly Pashhjuk on the basis of the surgery and anaesthetics department in 1968.

Opening of the blood transfusion department allowed to provide necessary store of blood components and specimens, and lead to improvement of the quality of transfusion aid, provided to orthopedic patients and blood banking for patients with big joints endoprosthetics.

Since 1978, the blood transfusion department has been headed by Nina Frolova, who also works as a transfusioligist (performs compatibility tests of patient’s and donor’s blood for transfusions in surgery and post-surgery periods).

Every year the department staff takes part in over 1000 surgeries (supply of donor blood components and specimens, as well as blood substitutes), which provides proper operation of the surgery department.

The department conducts scientific research of autotransfusions in post-surgery period, In 1976 doctor A. Ivanova defended Candidate Degree thesis «Autoblood banking of large volumes in orthopedic practice».

The results of the research reflected in a number of scientific works, among them «An autologous blood transfusion in orthopedic practice», «The experience of using autotransfusions in great volumes in orthopedic practice», «Autotransfusions in great volumes of blood», «Autologous blood usage in orthopedics».

Head of Department

Frolova Nina

Frolova Nina


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